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If you find my writing amusing, here are other places where my thoughts can be found.

LensWork Extended # 93 (DVD) Xiang Sha Wan Project
LensWork #76 and LensWork Extended # 76 Fellow Travelers: Roundtable Discussion with Brooks Jensen, David Grant Best, and Huntington Witherill
LensWork # 71 and LensWork Extended # 71 Featured Photographer in this issue with a Selection from the Labyrinth Triptych Portfolio, an interview and the Editor's Comments with Brooks Jensen. An audio interview is included in Extended #71.
LensWork Extended # 65
"A Rose by Any Other Name" - The author describes his "never fail" method of creating photographic titles and artistic critiques. Includes downloadable software so you can create pretentious artistic titles and post modern critiques. - Linked on the "Just Words" Page.
LensWork Extended # 64
"Labyrinth" - Portfolio of Platinotypes and text.
LensWork Extended # 57

"Prairie Schools - Imagination and Memories" - Portfolio of Platinotypes and text.

The Portfolio published in Black and White Photography #47and the LensWork #51 article are two halves of the same project.

Black and White Photography # 47

The Carpenter Portfolio, platinotypes and an interview.
LensWork # 51 - "Photographing the Not So Grand Landscape"
To photograph the landscape more often we must change Horace Greeley's exhortation from "Go West, young man" to "Go Home, young man."
LensWork #10 -" The Really Big Prize Money"
Professional Bass Fishing? If that strikes you as stupid, mindless entertainment, you'll be hooked to the last green on the Pro Photographer's Tour.
LensWork #6 - "Comfort Zone "
In which the author talks about Rush Limbaugh, Space Aliens, nude photographs of Elle MacPherson and gets confused about style and substance.
LensWork #4 - "Square Pegs" Comfort Zones are, well, comfortable Straying out of them randomly may give us insight into where we should be going photographically. "Square Pegs" may lead the way.


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