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Joe Lipka – A Personal Creative Journey

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An “About Page” is tough to write without being annoyingly conceited, terribly boring, or naming every camera I have ever owned. What a minefield to navigate. Undaunted, I shall proceed.


I’m about…


5’-10” and 180 pounds
Making witty comments with wordplay (See the first line)
Enjoying time with my family
Photographing out of the way places
Putting my feet up and drinking a cold beer after a day of photography
Remembering trivia and useless facts
Enjoying all types of music (Well, OK, maybe not rap)
Reading techno thrillers for vicarious thrills


I'm about having a great time creating my art and this web site.
I hope you have as much fun on this site as I did creating it.

Thanks for stopping by.

Well, some of y'all might like to see something a bit more formal.
I have relented and assembled a summary of exhibitions, publications
and the like.
Executive Summary Resume and CV